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tv   12 News  NBC  August 28, 2016 8:30am-9:30am MST

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struck good morning, everyone. -- good morning, everyone. it has been it was pretty cool outside this morning. >> that's the best part. it is perfect outside and temperatures are in the 70s. look at the current temperatures around the state right now. 52 in flagstaff. 59 in winslow. fortier for you over in career field. it feels pretty nice. 74 in stafford here we did have
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later today, we are going to see below average temperatures. expect that high around 100 degrees. the average is 104 but you notice, absolutely no chance of thunderstorms whatsoever. the monsoon taking a bit of a break that monsoon 2016 is officially over as well. this can be just as active. so how has the season been so far? take a look. >> in some places, it has been extremely wet and in some places, it is dry.>> reporter: the classic storms change as well. >> we will get a little more influence of the fall type weather patterns. >> reporter: these can interact with monsoon moisture creating the recipe for rapid storm
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>> reporter: with these situations, fasting into october. >> the first week of october, several years ago, we had record, 3 inch diameter hailstones in the phoenix area.>> reporter: while many may think the monsoon is winding down, remember -- >> the first half of september can be every bit as wet as august and july.>> reporter: reminder, this is september 2020 -- 2008. >> it is not doing a lot for the vegetation because we really needed that vegetation to happen early in the summer and late spring when we were starting to have the potential cleanup. >> so, what do monsoon storms in the safety test lab have in common? lots of electricity firing off and is the season for both to be
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every single day. >> that does not give you a good show, we can always get you closer. >> you're not about to see a firework show and this is video of our latest monsoon. if we could just figure out how to make it rain? >> what this it really is is a lifesaving test. >> we have the lives of around 2200 employees in our hands. >> literally." he is holding for text srp line. just take a look at this. >> as he worked, something happened. it went to ground and there was an explosion inside. that allowed him to walk away your>> reporter: right now, downed power lines, outages. is giving -- this is getting even more wear and tear. >> we're checking for all kinds of damage this one has a hole in it works it is the slightest pinhole in any one of these
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we are also looking for -- and this one shows that the vast -- we are looking for ozone damage to this club here and this is closed. >> reporter: even if this were to pass the test, there is one more thing to do to be sure. >> these gloves are actually filled with water. the water gets into every nook and cranny of that love. so, the entire club will be tested here>> reporter: turn out the lights for effect. >> we have had some for 30 minutes and anytime during that three minutes, they can fail. >> the rubber blankets get the same treatment. >> if it finds a weak spot, it will actually burn a hole in the blanket and shut the machine down.>> reporter: get this, we just turn the machine down seconds ago and i can pull it right out, it is cool to the touch. >> hundreds of blankets must undergo this test every month.
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gloves. >> from the day they come into the shop to the day they are tossed out. think of all the different types of jobs there are. according to srp, that is why this testing is a top priority. >> dedicated to the memory of caitlin, the park is officially open built in honor of the american aid worker who was captured in syria later killed by isis. hundreds of people gathered and released to -- release balloons to celebrate with a ribbon cutting. >> this is something we have worked for a long time. >> i think there were tears of joy that we were able to do this to celebrate her life. >> she should be remembered as someone able to treat others right here making an impact to the community.>> a couple of
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be like caleb when i grow up, the world will be a better place. >> the kids seeing was highlighted so much. it just makes you cry. >> the playground is completely wheelchair accessible. $240,000 was raised to help build the 6000 ft.2 playground. her parents say it is the perfect way to honor their daughter's legacy of helping those in need. >> new this morning, we know the name of killed by officers yesterday morning. police say angel torres went to his girlfriend's apartment near 59th avenue to grab rings he had left their work she called police saying he was in her apartment with the gun and on drugs and investigators later found out that the gun he had was actually a black replica handgun. officers did send in a canine the chased him out of the apartment and that is when police say he got into a struggle with an officer which ended with him being shot and
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including threats to her and her children. new this morning. an suv kit bicyclist early in the morning. he was heading north across 34th avenue when hit from behind. we are told he was not in a crosswalk and the driver has been cited for a suspected dwi. >> we're learning more about the unexpected death of a man in police custody back in may. police say the m santos digs into this bizarre story. this is the first look at the footage as police department -- as the police department performs lifesaving measures. despite their efforts, he died
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pertaining to the investigation including a medical examiner's report regarding the officers encounter with a very strong and shirtless man work the morning of the me first investigators saying someone asked to call 911 because of his chest pains at safeway on osborn road. according to the incident report, a responding firefighters said he was in a state of extreme paranoia and was pacing erratically. estimate as police arrived, he took off and as they caught up to him, the reports show he got violent. one man went missing the whole thing from his individual had superstrength. another witness saying he saw police hold them down to the ground for less than a minute before they turned him over and started to perform cpr. taking a look at this morning's hot headlines. finding a man who stole a necklace right off of a woman's neck to check out the video. you can see the footage of the suspect walking in very nonchalant checking his surroundings as he walks out of
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you see the man at the mall and investigators say the victim was 19 years old. we do not recommend this but she did run after him. the problem, he had a getaway driver waiting for him outside the mall. he and the victim's necklace are nowhere to be found and investigators say he sped off in a great chrysler pt cruiser. one person was rescued and two more are missing after a small plane crash in a lake near the airport in new orleans last night -- one person was rescued guard and local agencies are still searching for two people missing. the plane was what is on being called a cessna training flight. no word on the cause or who was on board. a wildfire is spreading quickly in central washing and prompting the evacuation. around 110 homes are under a level iii evacuation warning meaning residents should leave immediately. dozens have been told to leave
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afternoon and has grown to an estimated 400 acres over a short ureta time. the cause is under investigation . >> and a wildfire quickly spreading through rugged terrain is prompting a swift response. the so-called fire grew to around 130 acres in just a few hours rings to heavy brush and strong winds. firefighters are being called and crews are preparing for at least 200 evacuations in the evacuation center is open >> bulldozers are tearing down trees and calling into the ground. a new artery into the small town devastated by a massive earthquake. a recent aftershock sealed off the area to rescue vehicles and ambulances. the collapse forced residents to make their way on foot to a crew is working to complete the bypass as soon as possible. >> we know they cannot handle chocolate what else should you not be feeding your dog?
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12 news weekend today. coming up on monday, the f you need to download -- the application you need to download. >> plus, saving them time. >> what the cardinals need to and the next big thing when it comes to antiaging. join us all next week starting at 4:30 in the morning. where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly
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welcome back, everyone. if you have a dog at home, you probably know that chocolate can be toxic but there are other common items deadly to your dog.
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dog, was alone with a toddler and a bowl of grapes and later, they noticed that the grapes were missing. >> what did you say? >> she said, yes expect knowing that grapes can be toxic, they immediately rushed him to the animal hospital.>> they will really eat anything and there are some human foods that can cause serious health problems. >> the fda recently released information on people foods that can make here are a few you may not know about. onions, garlic and chives work that can damage a dogs red blood cells which can progress to anemia. macadamia nuts are also toxic and can lead to vomiting, fever and muscle weakness. that he foods can i -- can inflame and dogs pancreas and xylitol, a low-calorie sweetener can cause a rapid spike in a
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gum can lower your dogs blood sugar to dangerous levels. >> reporter: and grades along with raisins and dried current can be extremely toxic to a dogs kidneys causing renal failure. thankfully, the old was just fine. >> i think, from now on, [ indiscernible ].>> reporter: but not all dogs react the same way. >> a lot of dogs are sensitive here we do have some breaking news to tell you about. i-17 is closed right now for a major crash involving at least two patients. took patience -- two of them being sent to the hospital. avoid the area if possible. i-17 and peoria. >> valley skies are looking a
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matt is going to tell us what to expect for the rest of your sunday. tonight on 12 news at 10, leading a double life fighting crime. and coaching kids on the phone all field your >> without him, i don't think i would be here right now. by his career and coaching go
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welcome back, everyone. we have some great teachers. >> i have done that! >> you have got to love that >> arizona has such beautiful scenery. i would freak out if i saw that on the trail.>> and look at that one. the colors. a lot of people come here and think it is just going to be brown.
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>> even posting it on your facebook, people go crazy for it. we just love it and we don't see that many stars in the city but when you go out, and the hiking areas comic you can see the stars. >> here you go. >> somebody said this to me once, only in this area so if you see a pie, >> we better get to the weather. is another shot. sunrises and sunsets, you cannot beat them whatsoever. look at this one. absolutely gorgeous. difference in the discipline and and it was chandler back on friday as we had just a few isolated storms moving through the region. resulting in a monsoon sunset so
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85 in gold canyon. 85 in apache junction. 82 degrees in phoenix so certainly, a very nice morning around the entire region. and the monsoon is still in full effect. we have seem to .17 inches so far at the next sky harbor and that is actually above the average of one point 96 where we should be and under a quarter inch above average. we have about another month of monsoons so that we can easily see some more activity but right now, not a all the way back to phoenix, one disturbance is still moving to the extreme eastern side and that is where the highest rate is going to be later on. by taking a wide look at the country, fairly quiet right now and louisiana is starting to see a little bit more rain moving into their region and they had seen all of the historic flooding. could see some more activity up in minnesota later today but
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highest numbers are. one in the valley and one in southwestern arizona. for in northern arizona and the pattern is going to be changing. well we have low pressure, that is what brought all of the activity to the high country yesterday. two or 3 inches of rain and that will quickly moved to the east. here comes high pressure building directly into southern california and arizona. look at all of that monsoon moisture pushing to new mexico staying toward the south but what will happen by move into wednesday and thursday, that high will continue to move to the east and that is when we could see a return of our monsoon thunderstorm chances. or today, get outside and enjoy these cold temperatures. 100 and phoenix. 69 and gorgeous out there in flagstaff. certainly, head up to the high country if you are looking for cooler weather but here is the next seven days. it is going to remain dry and that is good news as the temperatures remained at the average of around 104 degrees and a slight chance of
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the forecast thursday, friday, saturday and we are not done just yet. the most important preseason game for your arizona cardinals is today. again is in houston to take on texas. starting around 1 o'clock. if you are looking to catch a game here in glendale, new information shows that the arizona cardinals have some of the cheapest tickets in the nfl. a study done seems to reveal that the immediate price is $144. the 22nd cheapest among all teams and right now, the two most expensive teams are the denver broncos and the seattle seahawks. our camera in houston for the preseason game showing us who and what to look out for next on 12 we can today.
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we are a staple workers and that is one of the things that
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the countdown is on to -106 days until super bowl. right here in houston texas. the cardinals arriving yesterday afternoon. and boy, do they hope to make this trip twice in one season. good morning, everyone. the cardinals and the texans a little bit later on today and expected starters to play at least the first half. the best part about today's game, everyone on the defense is healthy and that includes matthews and robert to be cheap. they are both going to one player i will keep my eye on is the rookie safety. and he is our sunday morning conversation. there is nothing like the first time. christian, his first nfl game he ever attended was one he was playing in.
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took to get here. it was everything i dreamed it would be and this is fun. >> he is a fifth-round..>> i still have something to prove. >> sometimes, they cannot keep up with them. >> if i try to do everything 100%, and play on fire.>> other times, he is too fast! >> he is a hitter. and he is open for attack. these guys are a little shifty or than the once was attacking last year. >> in the secondary, domestic slides >> he tried the interception. >> yeah, and.>> every single day. what happened mist >> it got so heavy. that camera. >> you got to know the future before it happens, baby. >> this being my first, i am so glad. i am having so much fun coming out here and being able to put on the helmet everyday in place at all.>> not bad for your first job. christian is from the houston
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north of here and he is going to have a ton of friends and family at the game better off. kickoff is at won that 25. cameron cox. in houston with the cardinals. sports. >> coming up on 12 news weekend today today, some of the gadgets tech savvy students from -- are using to make
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good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us for 12 weekend today on this sunday. traffic has just reopened at peoria. it was closed after a few
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election, hillary clinton leaves -- leads donald trump. according to a new poll, clinton is ahead. researchers also sound -- also found clinton believes she doesn't have to play by the same rules as everyone
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